UK Government Supports Students In Their Desire To Continue Receiving the Best Possible Higher Education Providers.

The Government has responded to the petition – “Reimburse all students of this year’s fees due to strikes and COVID-19”.

Government responded:

Government recognises that students are very concerned by this unprecedented situation. We are working with universities and students to support them and enable students to complete their studies.

We recognise that students are very concerned by this unprecedented situation. The Universities Minister has written to universities and students to outline the support that is available to them. We continue to work with the sector to make sure providers are able to make all reasonable efforts to enable students to continue their studies – including moving learning online – so that teaching and assessment can proceed, and qualifications can be awarded. Providers are already making these arrangements and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education has published good practice guidance that is available to all UK higher education providers.

Government recognises the challenges facing students and supports them in their desire to continue receiving the best possible learning experience from higher education providers. Our first priority is to minimise disruption for both students and providers as far as is possible by ensuring that both tuition and maintenance payments are made as planned by the Student Loans Company, irrespective of whether teaching has moved online. We will be continuously reviewing the situation and will consider further options to support students once third term tuition fee payments have been made.

We believe that students should be at the heart of the higher education system. It would not be in most student’s interests to cancel teaching and make them repeat the year: for the vast majority of students, moving teaching and assessment online and allowing them to complete the year is the most appropriate option. The Office for Students (OfS), the regulator in England, has committed to protecting students throughout the present crisis by working with providers to develop practical ways to maintain teaching quality and standards, enable adequate provision of exams and assessment, and support financial sustainability. Providers are already making these arrangements and the Government is in close contact

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